steve-becky2The fitness experts of eminence, Steve and Becky Holman, have come up with a holistic E program by the name of Old School New Body. The Holman couple, along with John M Rowley, is considered America’s Lifestyle Strategist. This goes a long way in establishing their credentials as the most renowned and highly endowed fitness experts of the modern era. The team is well versed with the nuances of fitness. The authors of the fitness manual possess a great knowledge base on the subject. The experience and effort put in by the couple is reflected in the comprehensive compilation of the E program.

The direct benefits of the program

Old School New Body exercises aim at providing a holistic health and fitness package to the beleaguered masses at the most affordable rates. The Old School New Body delves deep into the fitness and other related issues and provide path-breaking insights that could augment your fitness level. The E program is sure to shatter the conventional wisdom on fitness and provide fresh insight into the issue.

  • Effective for men and women alike

The most pronounced merit of old school new body exercises is its effectiveness. The clinic trails prove that the fitness regime is equally effective on both the genders. Moreover, the fitness level of the author couple Steve & Becky Holman stands as a testimony to the fact.  No matter if you are male or female, the exercise regime would surely work wonders for you.

  • osnb-ebook-coverLook healthy and feel young

The essence of the entire program lies in the fact that it is designed to make you look slimmer, fitter and healthier than ever before. The F4X program does not target the fitness concerns of a specific area of your body but it caters to the holistic health concerns of your body. The workout energizes you and takes a few years from your looks. Along with looking healthy, you would feel healthy from within.

  • Improve your sex life

The Old School New Body exercises would have a magical effect on your sex life too. The fitness program streamlines your workout regimen as well as your eating habits. Old School New Body lays great emphasis on taking a wholesome meal and drinking a considerable amount of water on daily basis. The fat intake would trigger the production of power hormones in your body and enhance your sex drive. Therefore, you can improve your sexual health by complying the eating guidelines and workout instructions of the program.

  • Get your fitness facts straight

The Old School New Body fitness regimen is based on hardcore scientific evidences.  The claims made by the author are substantiated by several recent studies. The program aims at enhancing your holistic health knowledge that enables you to stay at the pink of your health until your last breath. The insights propounded by the program are ground breaking, defies the conventional wisdom and relates to the modern day lifestyle in a very effective manner.